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Associated Eviction Services

We get strong outcomes because we specialize in landlord representation and know how the process works.

We do all the work and relieve you of the burden of confronting problem tenants.

We save you money - the cost of our services are typically less than a month of lost rental income.


1 Myth: Tenants cannot be evicted in the winter.
Fact: Yes. Tenants can be evicted in the winter. The only consideration given, as it relates to time-of-year where tenants are typically allowed a grace-period, is approximately a week before and the time between Christmas and New Year.
2 Myth: A 24 Hour Notice of Entry allows entry only within 24 hours.
Fact: No. A Landlord may enter between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm (subject to certain restrictions). The notice must, at minimum, be served 24 hours prior to entry.
3 Myth: Notice of intention to renew/not renew must be served for fixed-term tenancy.
Fact: Neither party is required to give notice to terminate a fixed term tenancy.
4 Myth: A Notice of Objection voids the Landlord’s claim/allegations.
Fact: No. A Notice of Objection does not absolve the Tenant from alleged breaches. The Landlord should pursue appropriate legal recourse in a timely manner.
5 Myth: A 14-Day Tenancy Termination Notice must be served before applying for legal remedy.
Fact: No. The Landlord may apply to a court to terminate the tenancy or may terminate the tenancy by means of a 14-day Tenancy Termination Notice.

Associated Eviction Services (AES) offers paralegal services to local and remote Alberta real estate investors, property managers, real estate agents representing investors and building managers. We specialize in residential tenancy dispute matters within Alberta jurisdiction.


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