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Associated Eviction Services


Leading in Service:

  • In certain instances and by engaging in early intervention with problem tenants, Associated Eviction Services is able to provide practical solutions to gain swift recovery of premises without entering the legal eviction process.
  • The involvement of Associated Eviction Services as a third party often serves to defuse existing tension and building hostility between the parties and brings to a problem-tenant’s realization the seriousness of a situation.
  • In situations where eviction is inevitable the legal eviction process is handled in a manner that ensures expedited and cost effective resolution and firm recovery of premises and financial loss through the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS) and/or Courts of Alberta.
  • Associated Eviction Services clients receive timely response and service, progress communication, and constructive advice and opinion that carry value in the management of tenancies.
  • In consultation we advise options and devise strategy with each client to bring a problem situation to a definite close and work to obtain the strongest possible court Orders.

Kim Kahts

Kim Kahts emigrated from South Africa to Canada in 1998. In South Africa her experience and qualifications lay in business middle management in the industrial hospitality field and restaurant franchise regional management. In 2000 Kim pursued a new career in property management and obtained her real estate agent licence in 2001, which led her to manage brokerage and privately-managed real estate portfolios that included condominium corporations, single-family, multi-family, office and warehouse properties. Kim founded her own real estate management brokerage in 2003 and established a very similar portfolio.

In 2007, Kim took an opportunity to apply her intimate familiarity with and knowledge of the intricacies of residential tenancy management and merge it with her interest in law by acquiring Associated Eviction Services.

Although still offering property management consulting services, Kim has gradually, since 2009 turned her focus primarily on Associated Eviction Services that offers paralegal eviction services to residential landlords and managers, and has expanded its variety of services to include tenancy management consulting support and training seminars.

In addition, to also offer its Albertan clients a one-stop bundle of services throughout the eviction and judgement collection process, Associated Eviction Services operates in affiliation with civil enforcement agencies, process servers and legal counsel throughout most of Alberta.


Associated Eviction Services (AES) offers paralegal services to local and remote Alberta real estate investors, property managers, real estate agents representing investors and building managers. We specialize in residential tenancy dispute matters within Alberta jurisdiction.


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